God's Textbook


Is the Bible God's word or is it just a beautiful book

of poetry and prose telling the history of an ancient people?

It is all of the above.

Someone told me some time ago that she thought the Bible was

a book full of beautiful prose and guidelines to help people

decide what is best for them. It certainly could not be taken

literally. Surely I could not believe everything in the Bible

as being completely true.

Some people would like to believe that the Ten Commandments were just ten suggestions.

I asked her if she wanted a degree in biology would she

study biology books. If she wanted a degree in law would she

study the textbooks of law. In the pursuit of a degree one

would study the books about that subject. Or perhaps one

would just read the biology books as a good book put together

by good intentions but surely one could not and would not be

expected to take it literally.

If one could not take the law text books as literal then

what part is one to believe in? What part are we to take with

a grain of salt? Who is to decide what part is correct and

what part should we discount? What kind of grade would the

professor give if we were to decide for ourselves which is

true and acceptable and which part are we to discard?

I cannot answer for everyone else but I certainly hope

my doctor took her doctor books very serious and very


If one studies biology books to know biology and law

books to know law then shouldn't we study God's text book-The

Bible- in order to know God? What part do we believe?

literally and what part do we discard because it is not as

we would have it? How do we decide which part is which?

The Bible is either the textbook of God or it is not. It

is all true or none of it is. It is either filled with great

truths or it is filled with great lies.

Just like all other textbooks, when you begin to study

them you begin to understand the subject matter. Maybe not

completely at first but as we study more we understand more.

I can only judge the textbook of God by the results it has

brought about. No one has ever or will ever be the worse

for studying it. Millions upon millions of people have been

made better by just reading it. Just imagine what would have

happened had Hitler studied this book and had accepted Its

great truths.

One can trace the very decline in our educational system

to the very day God's textbook was taken out of our schools.

Even Norman Lear came out with the idea that we should begin to teach ethics

and honesty in our public schools. What is the textbook

of ethics and honesty?

It is God's text book- the Bible.

 This book is so important that until recently pages from

it were sold on the black market in East Germany for $2 -

that is right, $2 a page. The whole textbook itself would

fetch $150 each. And in this country one can hardly give it


Science text books, law text books, medical text books

have come and gone. We have discovered that many of the

"Great truths" in the books were in fact errors. But God's

Textbook only gets more proven as time goes by. More and

more scientist who have tried to disprove it have come to

the conclusion that it cannot be disproved but can be proven

over and over. An atheist scientist in England just recently

spent a year doing research on a paper to disprove the Bible.

Guess what. At the end of the year he was baptized into the

Christian church. The more he tried to disprove it the more

it became apparent to him one cannot disprove a truth.

 Another proof that should prove beyond a doubt that it

Is the textbook of God. Why spend all the time and effort

attacking something that does no harm but has been documented

as doing great good? There is no reason unless you are Satan.

Then why would he attack it? Simply because it exposes him as

to what he really is, a liar, a thief, a murderer.

 The Bible has prophecies in it that have come true and

some are coming true even as you read this. If you think 2013

was a year filled with wars and lies,"you ain't seen nothing yet."

 If you still wonder if it is true then look at it as you

would a grammar book. Read it and decide for yourself if it

is wrong or true. This is really the only way to tell. Don't

let me or anyone else tell you what it says. Find out for


 The best way to start is to get a new up to date English

version of the Book Of John. Read this book. Study and think

about it for yourself and then decide if The Bible really is

the textbook of God.

If it sounds like I have a lot at stake in my believing

The Bible it is simply that I have bet my soul on it.

 Until next time may God open all of our hearts and minds.

God bless you, Kit.


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