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If Christians had come up with the big bang idea, all the Carl Sagans in the world would be busy disproving it as being scientificly ridiculous. After this was written, Carl Sagan has died. He now knows first hand that Jesus is THE CHRIST.

I believe in the Big Bang. God said it and B A N G it happened.



The whole basis of the Christian religion is the fact that our Savior, Jesus, The Christ rose from the dead. But did He really rise from the dead?

Take away the resurrection of Jesus and you destroy the whole Christian religion.

When the disiples chose a replacement for Judas, they chose someone who had been a witness to the resurrection. See Acts chapter 1 verse 22.

God told centuries before that He would be resurrected.

In Psalms chapter 16 verse 10 it told that He would only stay in the grave for three days.

Five times Jesus told that He would rise from the dead. (John 2:19, John 10:17:18, I Corinithians Chapter 15 verses 1-4).

The Bible is the only religious book that not only makes prophecies, but prophecies that come true when and where It says it will.

The religious leaders did two things to make sure that the body was not moved by His followers.They sealed the tomb with the Roman seal. One did not dare mess around with anything that had the Mighty Roman Seal on it. Jesus had told them that He would rise the third day. They were not about to let that happen.

If sixteen solders were on guard to watch Peter when he was in jail, I cannot imagine that fewer than that amount were on watch to guarantee that this Jesus fellow would not be taken out of His tomb.

Yet on the third day the tomb was empty.

If the disciples had stolen Him, all Rome had todo was to produce a body. For two thousand years all the Romes of the world have not been able to produce a body. Why? It is simple


Did His friends take Him? I cannot even begin to believe that this disllusioned group of pitifully beaten men could have the power let alone the will to combat the whole Roman Empire and win.

This now leaves us with only one other group that could have taken Him.

His enemies.

And for what purpose would they take Him? So He would win? This does not even allow for further thought.

Then what really did happen?

It is simple. HE IS RISEN!!!

In a court of law, if I bring charges against you and I am able to produce three or four people who will swear to my case, it is enough, in most cases to sway a jury in my favor.

In the case of Jesus there were over five hundred people who were witness to His being alive after He had died. They even saw His ascension. In any court room in this the world this would be more proof than necessary to decide in His favor.

Even the Nazis were put to death with fewer than five hundred witnesses.

There is further proof. When He was crucified there there were almost none of His people around. They were all hiding, fearful for their lives.

Yet within a few days they were going throughout Jerusalem,"as a drunken lot", proclaiming that


These very same people who were hiding for their lives just a few days before were willing, and thousands did, give up their lives for a God who is risen.

They spread the words of Jesus all over the world. They were killed in the most awful way that one could think of.

The ones who were torn apart by lions and other wild animals could have saved their lives by just denying that He had risen. Many left their jobs and homes just to tell people HE HAS RISEN

These people had seen visual proof. They had touched God after He HAD RISEN. Where else would this kind of faith come from. If they had not had such faith, Christianity would have died out just as sects of that time and today will.Another proof that Jesus is important. Did you know that Rome crucified over thirty thousand Jews? Can you name one more?

What more proof do you need? Now is the time to accept that one risen crucified Jew as your personal savior.

Right now where ever you are, simply say," Jesus, I believe that you are risen. I accept your death on the cross as FULL payment for my sins.Please come into my heart and be my personal savior. I thank you, Jesus, for hearing my prayer."

If you do the above one day you will be with that


After all, HE IS RISEN!!

Your brother in Christ,

T.Larry Johnson

P.S. There is still one more proof. If there is nothing to Him, why do so many people fight Him? How can one fight a nothing? Why does no one hate Budda or any other dead person? The answer is simple. One cannot hate a dead person. Then the most HATED, that's right, the most HATED person who ever lived must still be alive.


A texbook or God's Word? Look for yourself.

Is there really a Hell? Don't take a chance. Look here and find out.

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