Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

 This is one of the commandments that God gave to Moses.

Throughout the history of mankind this has been probably the most violated of all the commandments.

The sanctity of the home was held very sacred to all the world until recent times.

In some parts of the world even in these "enlightened times" to be guilty of adultery is to be put to death by the authorities.

Today in our enlightened society it seems to be perfectly all right to stray occasionally.

In fact it is expected and usually accepted that all men at one time or the other "Have an affair".

You notice how the wording has been changed to be less condemning. It is not quite as bad to have a discrete affair as to commit adultery. Yet it is the exact the same thing.

Today with two out of three marriages ending in divorce " It is better to live together on a trial basis to see if we are compatible. If we are then we can get married."

 "Today it is ok to cohabitate." Notice the words have changed. The meaning has not.

It is still "shacking up".

 "We don't have to have a piece of paper to show we love each other". Translates to mean, "He really does not love me enough to give me his name. He is not brave enough to make the commitment to give me his name."

 Several things should be considered. First off living together before marriage does not insure a more successful marriage. In fact if one goes by the facts the opposite is true. Four out of five couples who live together before marriage ends up getting a divorce.

 Our young people see it all around them. The Hollywood heroes all seem to be doing it either in real life or in the movies. You can hardly watch a TV show without the main stars "having an affair".

Translated -committing adultery.

Have you watched of all shows "The Golden Girls" lately? The whole show is, or was the last time I allowed it in my home, spent bragging about who was going to spend the night -commit adultery -with whom.

Have we as a society reached a point where we are so crass that we find all of this hilarious.

Have you watched the comedy shows that come on cable TV? I did when Cox Cable decided to give me a free showing one weekend. They could not understand that the reason I did not have those programs was not that I could not afford them but that I did not want that garbage in my home.

One comic had the audience in stitches. They appeared to be literally rolling in the isles.

All I could make out that he was doing was explaining in graphic details his latest sexual exploits. You should have seen all the beautiful people who were holding their sides they were laughing so hard... perhaps laughing all the way to hell.

 He forgot to tell the audience that he may have caught some kind of venereal disease or that his night of "PLEASURE?" might cost him his life and worse yet his soul.

He forgot to tell all his audiences that in New Orleans about 60% of the babies born do not have a listed father and they are not virgin births. Check the birth announcements in Your local paper.

He forgot to tell the audience that this kind of behavior costs all tax payers literally millions of dollars every day to keep and maintain the results of having an affair -committing adultery.

 He forgot to tell the audience that there would be literally hundreds of thousands of people die from aids because they had an affair -committed adultery.

 You, who are reading this aren't you just about fed up enough with the rampant waste of your money to do something about it? Then write these TV shows and tell them to clean up their acts. Write to the companies who sponsor these shows and tell them you are going to stop buying their products.

 If we cannot put the fear of the Lord back into them then maybe we can put the fear of financial failure into them.

 So what about the freedom of speech? What about my freedom from speech? Don't you and I have just as much right to not have someone pile garbage into our living rooms as they have to do so?

Now is the time to stand up and be counted. There are still more of us than there are them.

But how long will this be true if we just sit still and do nothing. Do we love our Lord God and our country enough to stand up and be counted?

 Write today.

 If it sounds like I am angry it is only because I AM .

Your brother in Christ,

  T.Larry Johnson.

P.S. Explain to your children that it is wrong, even if the president does it.

Right is right even if no one does it. Wrong is still wrong if everybody does it.

IS JESUS THE MESSAIH? Look here and decide.

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